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ADP - ADP 2-6
20 - 25 Oct 2014

In focus: upcoming meetings of the ADP

Saturday, 25 October

ADP Contact Group on item 3 (focus: Cycle, Mitigation)

ADP closing plenary


The above schedule of meetings is tentative and intended to assist delegates in their preparations. Participants are kindly reminded to consult the CCTV monitors for any last-minute changes.


Status report 

In-session briefings 

Statements at ADP 2-6 

Meetings held at ADP 2-6 >>



The Co-Chairs' corner


The Co-Chairs are currently chairing the 6th part of the second session of the ADP. Following the session, the Co-Chairs are planning to participate in the following meetings:
-Coordination meetings with the Secretariat to prepare for the Lima session (27 October 2014, Bonn  Germany);
-The Social Pre-COP (6-7 November 2014, Caracas Venezuela).



The Co-Chairs can be contacted via e-mail at

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