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ADP - ADP 2-6
20 - 25 Oct 2014

In focus: upcoming meetings of the ADP

Tuesday, 21 October

ADP Contact Group on item 3 (focus: Adaptation followed by Finance)

 ADP Contact Group on item 3 (focus: INDCs followed by Workstream 2) 

Technical expert meeting: Carbon capture, use and storage
(10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00)


Wednesday, 22 October

ADP Contact Group on item 3 (focus: Capacity building followed by Technology

ADP Contact Group on item 3 (focus: Cycle) followed by ADP stocktaking meeting 

Technical expert meeting: Non-CO2 greenhouse gases
(10:00-13:00 and 15:00-18:00)



Status report of the ADP 2.6

Statements at the ADP 2.6

Meetings held at ADP 2-6 >>


The Co-Chairs' corner


In preparing for the meeting in October (ADP 2-6), the Co-Chairs of the ADP continued their engagement and open channel of communication with Parties and Observers. In this context, the Co-Chairs have made themselves available to engage with Parties and Observers and to participate in meetings with negotiating groups with a view to consult with them on the work of the ADP.

The Co-Chairs have recently attended the:
- Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate (10-12 July 2014, Paris, France);
- 5th Petersberg Dialogue, “Addressing the urgency – stepping up our contributions” (13-15 July 2014, Berlin, Germany);
- Informal Ministerial Roundtable on Climate Change (20 September 2014, New York, USA);
- Climate Summit 2014 (23 September 2014, New York, USA).
- International Dialogue on Enhancing Ambition through Climate Finance held by CCAP (24 September 2014, New York, USA);
- Informal Meeting held by the Peruvian Presidency of COP20/CMP10 (1-3 October 2014, Lima, Peru).

Follow up work on the technical examination process to unlock mitigation opportunities for raising pre-2020 ambition

NEW!  The Co-Chairs have requested the secretariat to facilitate an informal follow-up meeting to the technical expert meetings on energy efficiency, renewable energy, urban environment and land-use improvements in the pre-2020 period. This meeting will be held on 23 October (3 p.m. - 5 p.m.) and will allow Parties to take stock of actions undertaken since the technical expert meetings in March and June and to identify further opportunities for action in the areas considered thus far.

NEW!  pdf-icon Provisional programme (189 kB)

Background information:

The technical examination process to unlock mitigation opportunities for raising pre-2020 ambition includes focused in-depth inter-sessional work to be conducted throughout the year by Parties, international organizations and partnerships with a view to enabling more Parties to take transformational action on the ground in delivering higher mitigation ambition. Contact details of lead organisations and partnerships, which are keen to assist Parties in undertaking ambitious action on the specific topics addressed are available on the technical expert meetings' respective webpages.


Support for the domestic preparation of intended nationally determined contributions                      

In the context of support for the domestic preparation of intended nationally determined contributions (decision 1/CP19, paragraph 2(d)) and further to the pdf-icon message to operating entities of the financial mechanism of the Convention, and observer organizations, a briefing was held during the March session to provide space for such organizations to share information with Parties on their programmes of support. The Co-Chairs would like to encourage Parties and organizations to continue the exchange initiated in March and to actively engage with each other as needed. To facilitate this interaction, additional information on support for domestic preparations, including the contact details of relevant organizations is available here.  


The Co-Chairs can be contacted via e-mail at

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