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APA - APA 1-3
8 - 18 May 2017


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Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement (APA), Third part of the first session, Bonn, 8–18 May 2017
1. Opening of the session.
2. Organizational matters:
2(a). Election of officers;
2(b). Adoption of the agenda;
 FCCC/APA/2017/1 24 Feb 2017 agendas Published EN SP FR CH AR RU
Agenda and annotations. Note by the Executive Secretary.
2(c). Organization of the work of the session.
3. Further guidance in relation to the mitigation section of decision 1/CP.21 on:
3(a). Features of nationally determined contributions, as specified in paragraph 26;
3(b). Information to facilitate clarity, transparency and understanding of nationally determined contributions, as specified in paragraph 28;
3(c). Accounting for Parties’ nationally determined contributions, as specified in paragraph 31.
4. Further guidance in relation to the adaptation communication, including, inter alia, as a component of nationally determined contributions, referred to in Article 7, paragraphs 10 and 11, of the Paris Agreement.
 FCCC/APA/2017/INF.1 15 Feb 2017 meeting papers Published EN
Information related to possible elements of adaptation communications identified by Parties. Note by the secretariat.
5. Modalities, procedures and guidelines for the transparency framework for action and support referred to in Article 13 of the Paris Agreement.
6. Matters relating to the global stocktake referred to in Article 14 of the Paris Agreement:
6(a). Identification of the sources of input for the global stocktake;
6(b). Development of the modalities of the global stocktake.
7. Modalities and procedures for the effective operation of the committee to facilitate implementation and promote compliance referred to in Article 15, paragraph 2, of the Paris Agreement.
8. Further matters related to implementation of the Paris Agreement:
8(a). Preparing for the convening of the first session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Paris Agreement;
8(b). Taking stock of progress made by the subsidiary and constituted bodies in relation to their mandated work under the Paris Agreement and section III of decision 1/CP.21, in order to promote and facilitate coordination and coherence in the implementatio
9. Other matters.
10. Closure of and report on the session.

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