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Workshop on a framework for various approaches (AWG-LCA 15)

Presentations - Session I
Party  Speaker Title

Mr. Toshiaki  NAGATA                                  

pdf-icon Japan’s views on various approaches including opportunities for using markets (147 kB)
United Arab Emirates Ms. Aimee BARNES 

pdf-icon Considering a Framework for a Fragmented World (350 kB)

Bolivia Mr. Diego PACHECO pdf-icon The mechanism of "Climate Justice" (139 kB)

Presentations - Session II
Party  Speaker Title
Centre for European Policy Studies Mr. Christian EGENHOFER                               

pdf-icon Considering a framework for a fragmented world (221 kB)

Environmental Defense Fund Ms. Annie PETSONK pdf-icon A credible system for enhancing effectiveness and reducing risk (571 kB)
Institute for Policy Studies            Mr. Oscar REYES                          pdf-icon Designing and implementing robust standards (111 kB)
Democratic Republic of Congo for the Coalition for Rainforest Nations Ms. Federica BIETTA pdf-icon REDD+ as a framework for various sectoral approaches, including opportunities for using markets (347 kB)

Presentations - Session III
 Party  Speaker Title
New Zealand Ms. Kay HARRISON pdf-icon The framework (263 kB)       
Grenada for the Alliance of Small Island States                       

Mr. Hugh SEALY                           

pdf-icon Managing possible risks (370 kB)
Climate Action Network - International Ms. Anja KOLLMUSS pdf-icon Managing possible risks: Double counting (704 kB)

Relevant documents

pdf-icon Information note on the workshop (102 kB)

This information note has been prepared by the Chair of the AWG-LCA, with the support from the secretariat. 

Views on a framework for various approaches. Submissions from Parties.

Views on a framework for various approaches. Submissions from admitted observer organizations.