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Presentations - Session I
Party  Speaker Title
European Union


pdf-icon Clarification Of Developed Country Parties\' Pledges (1219 kB)
United States of America Mr. Johnathan PERSHING  pdf-icon Clarification of the U.S. Economy-Wide Target (706 kB)
New Zealand  H.E. Ambassador Ms. Jo TYNDALL pdf-icon New Zealand’s 2020 Emissions Reduction Target Range (263 kB)

Presentations - Session II
Party  Speaker Title
Australia Mr. Gary Cowan  pdf-icon Australia’s 2020 Pledge and Low Emissions Development Strategy (308 kB)
Canada  H.E. Ambassador Mr. Guy Saint Jacques
Switzerland                H.E. Ambassador Mr. Franz Xaver PERREZ                        pdf-icon Nationally appropriate mitigation commitments or actions by developed Parties: Workshop 2/CP.17 para 5b (136 kB)

Presentations - Session III
Party  Speaker Title
Norway Mr. Henrik HARBOE pdf-icon Norway\'s climate policy (1164 kB)         

Ms. Mary Jean MACE                                 

pdf-icon Clarification of pledges: assessing the scale of the ambition gap through common accounting rules.17 para 5b (1185 kB)

Relevant documents

pdf-icon Information note on the workshop (104 kB)

This information note has been prepared by the Chair of the AWG-LCA, with the support from the secretariat.

Additional information relating to the quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets contained in document FCCC/SB/2011/INF.1/Rev.1. Submissions from Parties.

Quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets by developed country Parties to the Convention: assumptions, conditions, commonalities and differences in approaches and comparison of the level of emission reduction efforts. Technical paper.