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(AWG-LCA 15)

Presentations - Session I
Expert  Speaker Title
Stockholm Environment Insitute

Mr. Sivan KARTHA

pdf-icon Introduction: Some key notions relating to in the context of climate change (492 kB)  
TERI - The Energy and Resource Institute Mr. Prodipto GHOSH  pdf-icon Introduction: An approach to equity issues in climate change (140 kB)

Presentations - Session II
 Party  Speaker Title
AOSIS H.E. Ambassador Mr. Sai NAVOTI pdf-icon Elements of equity: science, sustainable development & survival (1396 kB)
Bolivia Mr. Diego PACHECO pdf-icon "Equity" to address the climate change crisis (150 kB)
India Mr. Rajani RANJAN RASHMI

pdf-icon Presentation on EASD (113 kB)

Switzerland H.E. Ambassador Mr. Franz Xaver PERREZ pdf-icon Workshop on EASD: Swiss perspective (184 kB)
South Centre  Mr. Marting KHOR

pdf-icon Presentation on equity (88 kB) 

Presentations - Session III
 Party  Speaker Title
Least Developed 
Countries (Bangladesh)
Mr. Quamrul CHOWDHURY pdf-icon Equitable Access to Sustainable Development : LDC Perspective (570 kB)              
 China Mr. Jiankun HE  pdf-icon Equitable Access to Sustainable Development (582 kB)
 European Union Mr. Arthur RUNGE-METZGER 

pdf-icon Equitable Access to Sustainable Development (1583 kB)

 Singapore H.E. Ambassador Mr. Burhan GAFOOR pdf-icon Equitable Access to Sustainable Development in accordance with decision 2/CP.17 (567 kB)
 CAN International M. Tiim GHORE

pdf-icon Taking hold of the sword of Damocles (323 kB)

Presentations - Session IV
Party  Speaker Title
United States of America

Mr. Jonathan PERSHING


pdf-icon Equity and CBDR (64 kB)

Australia Mr. Gary COWAN pdf-icon Equity and Sustainable Development: Equitable outcomes matter (417 kB)
 Egypt H.E. Ambassador Mr. Ahmed Ihab GAMALELDIN pdf-icon Equitable Access to Sustainable Development (105 kB)

Background information

pdf-icon South Centre (99 kB)

pdf-icon CAN International (121 kB)

pdf-icon ETHZ (308 kB)

Related documents

pdf-icon Information note on the workshop
(88 kB)
This information note has been prepared by the Chair of the AWG-LCA, with the support from the secretariat.

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