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Bonn Climate Change Conference - May 2012


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Special Announcement

The President of the COP/CMP wishes to inform Parties that, following unsuccessful consultations among regional groups, the ADP will be invited to elect its officers in accordance with rules 51 and 52 of the draft rules of procedure being applied. The election of officers will take place during the plenary meeting of the ADP on Thursday, 24 May 2012. Please consult the CCTV monitors for the time. Information on the election procedures are available on the UNFCCC website at the following link

The latest update on elections is available at the elections page

Message to Group Chairs and Coordinators from the President of COP 17 and CMP 7

In light of the pdf-icon information note sent to Parties on 8 May, status reports previously available in the Daily Programme will now be available on the web on all bodies' respective pages. Please follow the following links to access the relevant status reports (SBI 36, SBSTA 36, AWG-KP 17, AWG-LCA 15 and ADP 1).

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