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Seminar of governmental experts, 16-17 May 2005, Bonn, Germany

COP 10 requested the secretariat to convene a seminar of Governmental Experts (SOGE) in order to promote an informal exchange of information on:

  • (a) Actions relating to mitigation and adaptation to assist Parties to continue to develop effective and appropriate responses to climate change; and
  • (b) Policies and measures adopted by their respective governments that support implementation of their existing commitments under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol.


Background materials



  • H.E. Mr. Masaki KONISHI, Ambassador for Japanese Global Environmental Affairs
  • Mr. CHOW Kok Kee, Director General, Malaysian Meteorological Service


The following Parties have expressed an interest to make a presentation

Party Abstract Presentation Supporting material
Albania (PDF) Abstract (78 kB) Presentation (PDF) 1 (1633 kB)
(PDF) 2 (1659 kB)
(PDF) 3 (1630 kB)
Argentina  (PDF) Abstract (66 kB) Presentation  
Australia (PDF) Presentation (93 kB)
Brazil (PDF) Abstract (9 kB) (PDF) Presentation (14 kB)
Canada (PDF) Abstract (62 kB) Presentation
China (PDF) Abstract (36 kB) (PDF) Presentation (12 kB)
European Commission (PDF) EU Policies and Measures to achieve Kyoto targets: The European Climate Change Programme (ECCP) (59 kB) Presentation (PDF) 1 (80 kB)
Finland (PDF) Adaptation and Sustainable Development (54 kB) Presentation (PDF) 1 (95 kB)
France (PDF) Investment challenge (63 kB) Presentation (PDF) 1 (97 kB)
Germany (PDF) Innovation challenge - Risks, urgency and opportunities (58 kB) Presentation (PDF) 1 (88 kB)
India Presentation
Japan (PDF) Abstract (88 kB) Presentation
(PDF) Text (72 kB)
(PDF) 1 (169kB)
 Mali    (PDF) Presentation (553 kB)  
Mexico (PDF) Abstract (10 kB) Presentation
Morocco (PDF) Abstract (15 kB) (PDF) Presentation (90 kB)  (PDF) Eng (188 kB)
Netherlands (PDF) Policy integration challenge (55 kB) Presentation (PDF) 1 (75 kB)
New Zealand (PDF) Abstract (434 kB) Presentation

(PDF) 1 (127kB)
(PDF) (1420 kB)

Norway (PDF) Abstract (62 kB) (PDF) Presentation (16 kB)
Papua New Guinea (in cooperation with the Republic of Congo) (PDF) Abstract (209 kB) (PDF) Presentation (156 kB) (PDF) 1 (193 kB)
Peru  (PDF) Abstract (44 kB)  (PDF) Presentation (3623 kB)  
Republic of Korea (PDF) Abstract (111 kB) Presentation
Saudi Arabia   (PDF) Presentation (345 kB)  
South Africa (PDF) Abstract (55 kB) Presentation

(PDF) 1 (2.3 MB)
(PDF) 2 (739kB)
(PDF) 3 (334 kB)
(PDF) 4 (1.2 MB)
(PDF) 5 (486 kB)

Switzerland (PDF) Abstract (63 kB) Presentation
Tuvalu (PDF) Abstract (65 kB) Presentation
United Kingdom of Great Britain (PDF) Climate Change Challenge (55 kB) Presentation (PDF) 1 (81 kB)
United States of America (PDF) Abstract (60 kB) (PDF) Presentation (520 kB) (PDF) 1 (74 kB)
(PDF) 2 (69 kB)
(PDF) 3 (76 kB)
(PDF) 4 (78 kB)
(PDF) 5 (86 kB)
(PDF) 6 (1.1 MB)
Seminar of Governmental Experts Proceedings
Users may download the (PDF) proceedings (5 MB) in electronic format, view the CD ROM online, or collect a print publication and CD ROM at COP 11 and COP/MOP 1 in Canada.  Inquiries should be directed to


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