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Bonn Climate Change Conference - March 2009

Bonn Climate Change Conference - March 2009

Schedule of Meetings

AWG-LCA 529 Mar - 8 Apr 2009FCCC/AWGLCA/2009/1
AWG-KP 729 Mar - 8 Apr 2009FCCC/KP/AWG/2009/1


AWG-KP Workshop to support the consideration of information on potential environmental, economic and social consequences, including spillover effects, of tools, policies, measures and methodologies available to Annex I Parties30 Mar 2009 AWG-KP
AWG-KP Workshop on issues relating to the scale of emission reductions to be achieved by Annex I Parties27 Mar 2009 AWG-KP
Workshop on economic and social consequences of response measures (para. 1 (b) (vi) of the BAP)31 Mar 2009 AWG-LCA
Workshop on subparagraphs 1 (b) (i) and 1 (b) (ii) of the Bali Action Plan1 Apr 2009 AWG-LCA
Workshop on opportunities and challenges for mitigation in the agricultural sector4 Apr 2009 AWG-LCA

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