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1 - 11 Jun 2015


Status report on consideration of agenda items at SBSTA 42
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SBSTA agenda item


1 Opening of the session
Session opened
2 Organizational matters

Organizational matters presented 

(a) Adoption of the agenda


Agenda adopted as proposed                  


Organization of the work of the session        

Organization of work agreed                                  

Election of officers other than the Chair       

No nominations received. Current Rapporteur remains in office.


Nairobi work programme on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate changes



Draft conclusions adopted as presented


Methodological guidance for activities relating to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of forest carbon stocks in developing countries                             




Draft conclusions and draft decisions adopted as presented

Issues relating to agriculture                                 


Draft conclusions adopted as presented

Matters relating to science and review        


(a)         Research and systematic observation                  


Draft conclusions adopted as presented


The 2013–2015 review  

Draft conclusions adopted as presented



Impact of the implementation of response measures                



Forum and work programme 

Draft conclusions adopted as presented


(b)  Matters relating to Article 2, paragraph 3, of the Kyoto Protocol


 8            Methodological issues under the Convention

(a) Methodologies for reporting financial information by Parties included in Annex I to the Convention                                   


Draft conclusions adopted as presented

(b) Common metrics to calculate the carbon dioxide equivalence of greenhouse gases                     



Draft conclusions adopted as presented

Emissions from fuel used for international aviation and maritime transport                             



Draft conclusions adopted as presented


9           Methodological issues under the Kyoto Protocol                       



Implications of the implementation of decisions 2/CMP.7 to 4/CMP.7 and 1/CMP.8 on the previous decisions on methodological issues related to the Kyoto Protocol, including those relating to Articles 5, 7 and 8 of the Kyoto Protocol

Annex to document FCCC/KP/CMP/2014/L.6




Draft conclusions including draft decisions adopted as presented                      


(b) Accounting, reporting and review requirements for Annex I Parties without a quantified emission limitation and reduction commitment for the second commitment period

FCCC/TP/2014/6 (chapter V.G),,




Draft conclusions adopted as presented




Clarification of the text in section G (Article 3, paragraph 7 ter) of the Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol, in particular the information to be used to determine the “average annual emissions for the first three years of the preceding commitment period”


Annex to document FCCC/SBSTA/2014/L.25





Draft conclusions adopted as presented

Implications of the inclusion of reforestation of lands with forest in exhaustion as afforestation and reforestation clean development mechanism project activities




Draft conclusions adopted as presented

Market and non-market mechanisms under the Convention 




Framework for various approaches

Deliberations concluded for this session            


(b) Non-market-based approaches                 

Deliberations concluded for this session             



New market-based mechanism

Deliberations concluded for this

11          Scientific, technical and socioeconomic aspects of mitigation of climate change                                  


Draft conclusions adopted as presented


Cooperation with other international organizations      


Draft conclusions adopted as presented


13         Other matters                                              

No other matters raised.


14        Closure of and report on the session                                              

Draft report adopted as presented                        


Observer corner (Inviting input from observers)

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IGOs and programmes
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UN bodies 
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Virtual Platform
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Side events and exhibits

 Message from the Chair