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SBSTA - IPCC Special Event: Common metrics to calculate the carbon dioxide equivalence of greenhouse gasses

The SBSTA 36 (May 2012) noted that common metrics are being assessed by the IPCC in the context of its work on the Fifth Assessment Report and acknowledged the relevance of common metrics to climate change policy.

In this occasion the SBSTA invited the IPCC to present its findings on common metrics from its Fifth Assessment Report at the SBSTA 40 (June 2014) and requested the secretariat to organize a special event for this purpose.  In addition, the SBSTA agreed to continue, at its 40th session, its consideration of common metrics.

pdf-icon Agenda (191 kB)

pdf-icon Historical Overview and Background (1195 kB)
Mr. Keith Shine, AR5 IPCC WGI Review Editor
Chapter 8
pdf-icon Insights from WG I Perspective (3005 kB)
Mr. Jan Fuglestvedt, AR5 IPCC WGI Lead Author Chapter 8
pdf-icon Insights from WG III Perspective (1528 kB)
Mr. Michael Hanemann, AR5 IPCC WGIII Lead Author Chapter 3