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III Workshop on pre-2020 ambition: Energy

The workshop explored mitigation and adaptation benefits of actions, as also initiatives and options, to enhance ambition, the related barriers and the incentives, and especially finance, technology and capacity-building enablement and support by considering specific thematic areas, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon capture and storage (pdf-icon Background information (106 kB) ).
The Co-Chairs of the ADP invited Mr. Hussein Alfo Nafo (Mali) to facilitate the workshop.

pdf-icon Sustainable Energy for ALL (1149 kB) , Mr. Luis Gomez-Echeverri, Senior Advisor  07 June 2013
pdf-icon International Energy Agency (1220 kB) ,  Mr. Philippe Benoit, Head of Energy Efficiency & Environment (Climate) Division 07 June 2013
pdf-icon Carbon Sequestation Leadership Forum (1310 kB) , Mr. Trygve U. Riis, Chairman Technical Group 07 June 2013

The Co-Chairs invited some Parties (European Union, Japan, Malaysia, Nauru, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland) to make short (3 - 5 minutes) and focussed interventions from the floor to start off the discussion on the themes proposed.

This was followed by an open discussion by Parties and observers. The workshop was concluded with a brief summary by the facilitator (pdf-icon Take home messages from the Facilitator (110 kB) ).