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Workshop on enhancing adaptation through the 2015 agreement

Ambassador Burhan Gafoor (Singapore) facilitated the workshop.

The workshop was opened with briefings by the Adaptation Committee and the Least Developed Countries Expert Group.

pdf-icon Adaptation Committee (499 kB) , Christina Chan, Vice-Chair  06 June 2013
pdf-icon Least Developed Countries Expert Group (387 kB) , Pepetua Latasi, Chair  06 June 2013

Following the briefings several Parties (Benin, Bolivia, Canada, Cook Islands, European Union, Guatemala, Mexico, South Africa), made focused introductory presentations to start off the discussion on the themes proposed.

This was followed by an open discussion by Parties and observers. The workshop was concluded with a brief summary by the facilitator (pdf-icon Take home messages from the Facilitator (85 kB) ).