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SBI - SBI 38
3 - 14 Jun 2013


In-session workshop on the nationally appropriate mitigation actions work programme6 Jun 2013
Coordination of support for the implementation of activities in relation to mitigation actions in the forest sector by developing countries, including institutional arrangements (SBSTA/SBI)7 Jun 2013
SB 3rd meeting of the forum on the impact of the implementation of response measures, in-forum workshops and an expert meeting on areas (c),(d),(e) and (g) of the work programme on the impact of the implementation of response measures6 Jun 2013
Workshop on the review of CDM modalities and procedures is being held in accordance with decision 5/CMP.8, paragraph 138 - 9 Jun 2013
2nd meeting of the Durban Forum on capacity-building (Part I)4 Jun 2013
Least developed country (LDC) national adaptation plan (NAP) event organized by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG)9 Jun 2013
1st dialogue on Article 6 of the Convention10 - 11 Jun 2013