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Virtual participation at ADP Co-Chairs’ special event with observers, Saturday, 8 June 2013

During UNFCCC’s SB 38 meeting in Bonn, the ADP Co-Chairs Jayant Moreshver Mauskar (India) and Harald Dovland (Norway) convened a pdf-icon special event with observers (75 kB) on 8 June (13:15 - 14:45 local Bonn time). This special event provided observers with an opportunity to present concrete ideas and proposals of how non-State actors can further contribute to collective action on climate change and how such action could be enhanced and promoted. Observers not physically present in the room were invited to participate virtually with the help of live webcast and Twitter.

During the event, the Co-Chairs sought reactions and contributions on two specific guiding questions:

1. How could non-State actors further contribute to collective actions on climate change?

2. How could the 2015 agreement promote and catalyze actions by non-State actors?

Noting that the first question is more relevant to pre-2020 ambition (ADP workstream 2) and the second question is more relevant to the work by the ADP on the 2015 agreement (ADP workstream 1), the Co-Chairs asked the participants to address either one or both of these aspects of enhanced non-State actor involvement.

Selected tweets which incorporate the #ADPchat hashtag were projected on to the wall of the meeting room, and pertinent comments and questions related to the discussions under the workstream 1 and workstream 2 were responded to by the Co-Chairs during a dedicated time-slot at the end of the event.

Watch the on-demand webcast of the event.