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6 - 17 Jun 2011

Other documents and relevant information

The in-session material reflecting the work undertaken by the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action under the Convention at the second part of its fourteenth session (AWG-LCA 14.2), including written inputs from Parties and notes by the facilitators can be found here.

All documents containing submissions by Parties relevant to the fourteenth session of the AWG-LCA are available here.

The following AWG-LCA in-session workshops, open to all Parties and accredited organizations, took place in the Maritim Hotel, Bonn:

  • Workshop on assumptions and conditions related to the attainment of quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets by developed country Parties, as requested by decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 38 (Thursday, 9 June 2011).
  • Workshop on nationally appropriate mitigation actions submitted by developing country Parties, underlying assumptions, and any support needed for implementation of these actions, as requested by decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 51 (Friday, 10 June 2011)

Additional information on the AWG-LCA in-session workshops is available here.


Notifications relevant to the session are available here