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30 Apr - 10 May 2018

SBSTA Chair's corner

The SBSTA Chair is pleased to announce that the informal documents containing the: 

* initial draft of the technology framework;
* draft elements of guidance on cooperative approaches referred to in Article 6, para. 2, of the Paris Agreement; 
* draft elements of the rules, modalities and procedures for the mechanism established by Article 6, para.4, of the Paris Agreement;
* draft elements of the draft decision on the work programme under the framework for non-market approaches referred to in Article 6, para. 8, of the Paris Agreement; and
* draft elements of the modalities, work programme and functions of the forum on the impact of the implement-tation of response measures under the Paris Agreement
have been published in response to the requests from SBSTA 47 (FCCC/SBSTA/2017/7, para. 42; para. 91, para. 97, para. 103 and para. 77, respectively).


Please use the portal to upload your views on the following issues:

Item 3 Nairobi Work Programme  (by  29 March)

Item 6 Research and systematic observation
(by  1 February)

Item 8 Koronivia joint work on agriculture
(by  29 March)

Item 9a Improved  forum and work programme on response measures
(by  29 March)

Item 10a Revision of reporting guidelines on annual inventories for Annex I Parties
(by  28 February)