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SBI - SBI 48
30 Apr - 10 May 2018


Reports will be available at the conclusion of the session.

Messages form the SBI Chair

The SBI Chair is pleased to announce that the informal document he prepared together with the SBSTA Chair and containing the draft elements of the modalities, work programme and functions of the forum on the impact of the implementation of response measures under the Paris Agreement has been published in response to the request from SBI 47 (FCCC/SBI/2017/19, paragraph 130).

Submissions to be considered at SBI 48

Submissions are called for on the following topics (on the submission platform, select session = SBI 48)

- Process to formulate and implement national adaptation plans,

- Implementation of ACE under the Paris Agreement

- Non-Party stakeholder engagement

- LDC work programme

- 7th meeting of the Durban Forum on capacity-building

-  Review of the work of the improved forum  on response measures

- NDC common time frames

- Koronivia joint work on agriculture

- Gender and climate change