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Workshop on scope, structure and design of the 2015 agreement

The workshop (webcast) was organized in two parts, as reflected in the pdf-icon Workshop Programme (117 kB) :

Part 1 - Design aspects for an ambitious, durable and effective 2015 agreement that mobilizes national action (90 minutes)
pdf-icon Ross Garnaut (2235 kB) pdf-icon Presentation (116 kB)
pdf-icon Adam Matthews (454 kB)   pdf-icon Presentation (623 kB)


Part 2 - Applying the principles of the Convention in the 2015 agreement (90 minutes)
pdf-icon Lavanya Rajamani (133 kB) pdf-icon Presentation (391 kB)
pdf-icon Tara Shine (1828 kB)   pdf-icon Presentation (674 kB)

These presentations were followed by a panel discussion, in which the panelists were invited to reflect on points raised in the presentations, concluding with an interactive discussion among delegates and final remarks by the facilitator.

Several questions were posed to the presenters which could not be addressed due to time limitations. The presenters have provided answers pdf-icon here (186 kB) .

The facilitator has highlighted some main take-home points from the workshop, which can be found pdf-icon here (100 kB) . In addition a summary report on the workshop will be issued after the session.

Round table discussions were scheduled for the remainder of the session and provided an opportunity for Parties to go into more depth on the matters discussed in the workshop.

As Parties requested in the Doha conclusions, the Co-Chairs had set out focussed questions for the workshop and round-table discussions in the annex to their Informal note on the second session of the ADP. ADP.2013.1.InformalNote