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SPECIAL EVENT Registration Form



(Please attach additional sheets if necessary)

Date of UNFCCC sessions

31 May - 11 June 1999


Maritim Hotel, Bonn


Name of organizer

Title of organizer




Title of special event

Presenters (Name, organization) 1

Theme of the special event and the specific links between theme and climate change process

(Please return the agenda for the special event with the form.)

In order to make as much information available on the web, please submit a concise synopsis (circa 100 words) of the theme and discussion points to the secretariat the day after the event. This will then be put on the web.

Requested specifications

Preferred date(s)


1 hour

2 hours

Room capacity

Overhead projector and screen

Slide projector and screen

Other technical requirements 2

Catering assistance 2

1 Presenters must be registered for the sessions under an accredited organization, in accordance with the procedures detailed in the notification.

2 Contact details for other technical requirements and for caterers may be found on the UNFCCC Web site. If further information is required, please contact the secretariat.


* All the information requested above needs to be completed before the Special Event is confirmed.

* A complete set of the documentation to be made available at the workshop must be deposited with the secretariat.

* These forms should be returned to the secretariat three (3) weeks before the beginning of the sessions.