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Information for Organizers of Special Events or Exhibits

Delivery of materials

Materials should be clearly labelled indicating the name of the organization and the contact person responsible for the materials. Delivery as of Saturday, 29 May 1999. Documents or exhibits should be consigned to the:

UNFCCC - Meetings (31 May - 11 June 1999)
Special Events/Exhibit

Organizer's name

Maritim Hotel Bonn,
Godesberger Allee,
D-53175 Bonn, Germany

Assembly and Removal of Exhibits

Exhibits may be assembled from Sunday, 30 May 1999, 15:00 and must be removed before the closure of the meetings on Friday, 11 June 1999. The removal and disposal of all materials are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

The names of persons responsible for the assembly and removal of the exhibit must be submitted in advance to the secretariat by fax in order that they may have temporary access to the meetings.


Catering for special events or receptions can be arranged through Mr. M. Anton or Ms. G. Grimberg of the Maritim Hotel Bonn. All arrangements are the direct responsibility of the organizers although the secretariat needs to be informed.

For lunchtime or evening special events a lunch-buffet or lunch-boxes may be served at the back of the meeting rooms. Organizers will be responsible for the room being cleared of food and drinks fifteen minutes before the end of the allocated time of the special event in order that the room is left in a suitable condition for further meetings.

Rental of Equipment

Organizers needing to rent audio-visual or other technical equipment including computers should contact Mr. M. Anton or Ms. G. Grimberg of the Maritim Hotel.

Contact Information
M. Anton
Tel.: (49-228)810-8880 Fax.: (49-228)810-8811

G. Grimberg
Tel.: (49-228)810-8876 Fax.: (49-228)810-8811

Banquet Section, Maritim Hotel, Godesberger Allee, 53175 Bonn

Barbara Black, Meetings Services Officer, Climate Change Secretariat, Bonn

Tel.: (49-228)815-1523 Fax.: (49-228)815-1999, e-mail