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Tentative exhibit list, 31 May - 11 June 1999, Maritim Hotel, Bonn
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1 US Business Council for Sustainable Energy and the European Business Council for a Sustainable Energy Future (e5) Lisa Jacobson
Spreading the benefits of clean energy technologies as solutions to economic and environmental problems worldwide.
2 International Cogeneration Alliance* (ICA) Erwan Cotard
Localised power production and climate change
3 Emissions Marketing Association David Feldner
Tel. (1-414) 2763819
Fax (1-414) 2763349
Emissions trading.
4 German delegation in collaboration with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH Holger Liptow
Tel. (49-228) 791352
Fax (49-228) 796320
German cooperation with developing countries on climate policies.
5 International Energy Agency in collaboration with the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) Michel Rucker
Result oriented response to technology transfer under the UNFCCC..

Demonstration of the CTI climate technology search engine, examples of climate-friendly technologies developed through collaborative R&D, and a video from the CTI training course for Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

6 IPCC Renate Christ
Publications, activities and demonstration of new web site
7 UNDP Annie Roncerel
CDM: Article 12 of the Kyoto Protocol established the CDM as one of four flexibility mechanisms to mitigate GHG emissions. Distribution of two related books -

1.Energy after Rio-Prospect and challenges

2. Promoting development while limiting GHG emissions.

8 The Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) Naoki Matsuo
Tel. (81-468) 553812
Fax (81-468) 553809
IGES discussion papers for design of the Kyoto Protocol.
9 Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI) Preeti Soni
Tel. (91-11) 4622246
Fax (92-11) 4621770
Kyoto mechanisms:
southern perspective.
10 German NGO Forum on Environment and Development Gerald Knauf
Tel. (49-228) 359704
Fax (49-228) 359096
Flexible mechanisms
11 The World Conservation Union (IUCN) Brett Orlando
Tel. (1-202) 3874826
Fax (1-202) 3874823
IUCN contribution to the UNFCCC process.
12 Sovereignty International Henry Lamb
13 CC:TRAIN Gao Provone
Demonstration of training packages developed by CC:TRAIN.
14 International Institute for Sustainable Development Victoria Kellet
Tel. (1-613) 2382296
Fax (1-613) 2388515
Research and activities on climate change policy, internationally and on the great plains of the north.
15 Global Commons Institute Aubrey Meyer
Tel. (44-181) 4510778
Fax (44-181) 8302366
Contraction and convergence for allocation and trade.
Going from the half-truth of 'commitments' to the whole truth of 'entitlements'.
16 The Uranium Institute on behalf of International Nuclear Forum Uranium Institute in collaboration with the International Nuclear Forum
Emma Cornish
Tel. (44-171) 2250303
Fax (44-171) 2250308
The benefit of nuclear generated electricity to avoid greenhouse gas emissions.
17 The Nature Conservancy Eric Firstenberg
Tel. (1-703) 8412038
Fax (1-703) 8414880
Monitoring of carbon in forest based carbon mitigation projects. Methodology and project case.
18 Information Agency of the German Electricity Suppliers (IZE) Stephanie Pöttgens
Tel. (49-69) 6304407
Fax (49-69) 63044387
ETA display- energy saving and efficiency measures in German power industry.
19 Friends of Earth Frances McGuire
Climate change and the oil industry
20 Greenpeace International Heather Broadbent
Tel. (31-20) 5236204
Fax (31-20) 5236200

* Organizations provisionally admitted for sessions of the subsidiary bodies in Bonn

31 May to 11 June 1999