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Applications for Special Events and Exhibits

The tenth sessions of the Subsidiary Body for Implementation and the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technical Advice will be held at the Maritim Hotel, Bonn on 31 May to 11 June 1999. As in previous sessions, special events may be organised at lunchtime and in the evenings, and exhibits may be displayed in the meeting facility, in accordance with the conditions of the secretariat. Interested organizations which are already accredited, are requested to read the conditions before applying using the appropriate registration forms. Only organizations accredited as observers may apply to hold a special event or an exhibit.

The demand for special events and exhibits has been steadily increasing over the Convention meeting process. In order to accommodate as many applications as possible and to allow maximum participation, the secretariat encourages organizers of both special events and exhibits to consolidate with other kindred organizations by having joint events or to split their time and or space allocation. In the interest of providing equal opportunities to all accredited organizations, the secretariat may find it necessary to accept only one event per organization.

Organizers are requested to return the completed registration forms by 10 May 1999. This will allow a better scheduling of events and allow an earlier publication of the schedule on the web.

The secretariat would like to make as much information on the content of the events and exhibits available to the interested public. In order to facilitate this we are requesting each organizer to submit a concise synopsis of circa 100 words as a summary of the actual event or exhibit highlighting the theme and discussion topics. This should be submitted to the secretariat the day after the event in order that the information may be made available through our website.