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UNFCCC documents related to REDD financing

Workshop in Bangkok, Thailand (30 August 2012)
Workshop on financing options for the full implementation of results-based actions relating to REDD-plus, including modalities and procedures for financing these results-based actions                              
Workshop homepage

FCCC/TP/2012/3 Financing options for the full implementation of results-based actions relating to the activities referred to in decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 70, including related modalities and procedures
Information submitted on financing
Global Witness pdf-icon Safeguarding REDD+ Finance (451 kB)
The Forests Dialogue

Over the year 2009, The Forest Dialogue (TFD) has held three international dialogues and one writing workshop on Financing REDD-plus, which engaged 100 leaders from different stakeholder groups.  These stakeholders include indigenous peoples, family forest owners, industry, academics, IGOs, ENGOs, trade unions, social NGOs, forest industry, forest and carbon investors, retailers and government representatives.  The TFD's dialogue initiative on Financing REDD-plus focused on the elements of a framework for REDD financing and implementation.  The consensus reached during this initiative has led to 26 recommendations launched on October 1st, 2009, during the UNFCCC Climate Change Talks in Bangkok, Thailand.  The recommendations were fed into the processes of the Informal Working Group on Interim Finance for REDD+ (IWG-IFR).  A more extensive report on TFD’s initiative on investing in REDD-plus was published in June, 2010, which captures not only the 26 recommendations but also other key issues that have been discussed under this stream of dialogue.

pdf-icon TFD Review - Investing in REDD-plus - Consensus Recommendations on Frameworks for the Financing of REDD-plus (2044 kB)


pdf-icon Financing REDD: Linking country needs and financing sources (559 kB) (infobrief) (2008)


The OECD in Paris, France, under the auspices of the Annex I Expert Group (AIXG) on the UNFCCC, has elaborated the following three documents on REDD:
pdf-icon Financing Mechanisms to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation: Issues in Design and Implementation (536 kB) (2007)
pdf-icon Incentives to Reduce GHG Emissions from Deforestation: Lessons Learned from Costa Rica and Mexico (500 kB) (2007)
pdf-icon Initial Review of Policies and Incentives to Reduce GHG Emissions from Deforestation (146 kB) (2006)

The OECD also convened a workshop on 26 March 2008 on Incentives to Capture the Carbon and Biodiversity for Reducing Deforestation: Linkages, Synergies and Limitations. Links to the workshop agenda, all presentations and the Chair's summary are available at:  < >;
For more information on the OECD work on REDD, contact Katia Karousakis at:  < >

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