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Conference on tropical forests

As a closing celebration of the International Year of Forests in France, a conference on tropical forests took place in Paris on 11-12 January 2012. Entitled “taking stock and new challenges, what guidance for French stakeholders?”, this conference brought together over 300 stakeholders from government, public agencies, civil society (international solidarity and environment NGOs), the private sector (timber, retail and banking sectors) and scientific institutions. The conference was organised in partnership between the ministries of Foreign affairs, Sustainable development, Agriculture and Overseas territories, the French Fund for Global Environment (FFEM), the French Development Agency (AFD), the International Centre for Agronomic Research for Development (CIRAD), the Association of Professionals for Fair Development (GRET), the International Association of forest communities (COFOR international), the Technical International Association for Tropical Timber (ATIBT), the public interest group on forest ecosystems (ECOFOR), the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences (AgroParisTech), the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) and the National Forestry Office (ONF).

Download working documents and presentations made at the conference

 After the conference and at the occasion of Rio+20, the national group on tropical forests published a collective report to take stock of tropical forests issues, to deepen the consensus of French stakeholders over these issues and to define new policy guidance in the areas of conservation and sustainable management of tropical forests in France’s overseas territories, French forestry development aid and for sustainable consumption patterns. The report examines the following issues in particular: (i) the model for management planning and certification of the sustainable management of tropical forests designated for timber production purposes, its successes and its limitations with regard to protection of biodiversity and benefits for local populations; (ii) the models for conservation and restoration of tropical forests designated for protection purposes; (iii) the sharp rise in worldwide demand for energy, food and mined resources against the backdrop of population expansion, economic growth and globalised trade; (iv) instruments for the promotion of legality and sustainability through international trade in tropical timber, as well as the situation of local timber markets and the demand from emerging countries; (v) investing in tropical forests and financing environmental externalities, with particular attention to the REDD+ mechanism and trust funds for protected areas; (vi) governance issues relating to forest areas, from the local level – the role of local governments, representation of indigenous and local communities – to the global level, focusing on the opportunities offered by Rio+20 to address the current fragmentation of the international governance on forest-related issues; (vii) priorities in the area of higher education and research and the growing role of remote sensing tools for protecting tropical forests.

Download the report in French or English, or its summary in French, English, Portuguese or Spanish.

International Conference on the Major Forest Basins

This conference was convened to advance the implementation of agreed elements of REDD+ under the UNFCCC and to support further UNFCCC negotiations.

Conference material:
Agenda pdf-icon english (164 kB) / pdf-icon french (158 kB) / pdf-icon spanish (166 kB)
Concept note pdf-icon english (52 kB) / pdf-icon french (60 kB)
Key note address Norway pdf-icon english (93 kB) / pdf-icon french (96 kB) / pdf-icon spanish (91 kB)
Key note address Papua New-Guina pdf-icon english (361 kB) / pdf-icon french (370 kB)
Chair's summary pdf-icon english (34 kB) / pdf-icon french (37 kB)

This conference was followed up by a conference held in Oslo, Norway, on 27 May. For information on this other conference visit:
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