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REDD Web Platform: Individually submitted information

Phelps, J., Carrasco, L.R., Webb, E. L., Koh, L.P., and Pascual, U. – pdf-icon Agricultural intensification escalates future conservation costs (818 kB)

Aguilar, Y., Erazo, M. and Soto, F. – pdf-icon REDD-plus schemes in El Salvador: Low profile, friendly fancy dresses and commodification of ecosystems and territories (116 kB)

Phelps, J., Webb, E.L. and Adams, W.M. – pdf-icon Biodiversity co-benefits of policies to reduce forest-carbon emissions (231 kB)

Phelps, J., Friess, D.A. and Webb, E.L. – pdf-icon Win–win REDD+ approaches belie carbon–biodiversity trade-offs (415 kB)

Keith, H., Mackey, B. and Lindenmayer, D. – Re-Evaluation of Forest Biomass Carbon Stocks and Lessons from the World's Most Carbon-Dense Forests

This journal article is freely available on the website of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. For any questions on this article, contact Brendan Mackey:  < >

Locke, H., Mackey, B. – pdf-icon The Nature of Climate Change - Reunite International Climate Change Mitigation Efforts with Biodiversity Conservation and Wilderness Protection (1078 kB)

Harvey Locke and Brendan Mackey consider the scientific case for the synergies between protecting forest carbon and biodiversity. For any questions on this article, contact Brendan Mackey:  < >

Cadman, S. - Defining Forests and Forest Degradation

Mr. Sean Cadman is the principal consultant with Cadman & Norwood Environmental Consultancy and works as a forest consultant to The Wilderness Society in Australia. He has submitted two papers with proposals for defining:
pdf-icon Forests under the Kyoto Protocol (220 kB) and
pdf-icon Forest Degradation for an Effective Mechanism to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (176 kB) .

The Author is happy to receive any feedback on these papers:  < >

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