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pdf-icon Reporting REDD - A Journalist's Guide to the Role of Forests in Combating Global Climate Change (759 kB)

Produced by Panos London as part of the Climate Change Media Partnership, this media pack aims to give journalists an overview of a vital issue in global climate change negotiations.  REDD - reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries - is a proposed mechanism to slow the loss of forests, but how it will work in practice is proving controversial, raising complex and emotive issues of national sovereignty, human rights, big money and corruption.

The pack outlines the key debates and looks at the possible complexities involved such as the sheer scale of the mechanism, and the difficulties there might be in measuring the amount of carbon being saved.

The media pack includes free-to-use resources:
- A background media briefing explaining how the REDD mechanism might work and raising some of the key controversies to be resolved, Reporting REDD - A Journalist's Guide to the role of Forests in Combating Climate Change;
- An accompanying short film,  "What's a forest worth? Forest-dependent people and the possible effects of REDD", which looks at the possible effects of REDD on forest communities and contains interviews with different stakeholders including environmental journalists on reporting the subject.
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