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Information submitted by Terrestrial Carbon Group

pdf-icon Policy Brief 10 (187 kB) (accompaniment the report 'Terrestrial Carbon Policy Development - Innovative Approaches to Land in the Climate Change Solution')

pdf-icon Terrestrial Carbon Policy Development: Innovative Approaches to Land in the Climate Change Solution (444 kB)

It is the purpose of this report to consider four key areas and outline the challenges, opportunities and possible policy solutions: given current progress nationally and internationally.  These areas are: 

  • How can the ‘plus’ in REDD+ (enhancement of forest carbon stocks, including sustainable forest management) be best achieved?
  • How can agriculture be addressed as a driver of deforestation?
  • How can soil carbon stocks be enhanced in forestry and agriculture?
  • How can agriculture and forestry be linked

pdf-icon Policy Brief 9 (1648 kB) (Agricultural Expansion and REDD+ An Assessment of Risks and Considerations to Inform REDD+ and Land Use Policy Design)

pdf-icon The Role of Terrestrial Carbon in the Climate Change Solution, Where, Why and How (899 kB) (a Short Guide)

pdf-icon How to Include Terrestrial Carbon in Developing Nations in the Overall Climate Change Solution (483 kB) (the original Terrestrial Carbon Group blueprint)

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