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White Papers on REDD

pdf-icon The History of REDD policy - Kyoto to Copenhagen (226 kB)
A comprehensive summary of the history of REDD policy, from its roots in the Kyoto Protocol, December 1997, to the final meetings of the AWG-LCA and SBSTA before COP15 in Copenhagen in December 2009.

The white paper discusses the genesis of REDD policy and provides an overview of major turning points in the key issues of contention in international REDD policy:

  • The scope of the definition of reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation;
  • Carbon Accounting for REDD - Measurement, Reporting and Verification;
  • The rights of Indigenous People;
  • Financing options for REDD;
  • Institutional arrangements - Should REDD be a NAMA or project based.

pdf-icon The Carbon Planet REDDiness index (214 kB)
The Carbon Planet 'REDDiness Index' illustrates a country's preparedness to implement sustainable REDD projects combined with the chances of the successful outcome or a REDD project.  This is based on a combination of empirical factors that include:

  • The rate of deforestation;
  • Government policy and planning and
  • Political stability.
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