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REDD Web Platform: Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC)

RECOFTC's publications cover a range of topics, themes, and geographies under the umbrella of devolved forest management and are developed often in collaboration with partners and other contributors. They include research and analysis papers, workshop and conference reports, training manuals, case studies, policy briefs and more.

Information submitted by RECOFTC

Publications on Forests, Climate Change and REDD+

Improving grassroots equity in forests and climate change context: A training manual

pdf-icon English (13297 kB)

Further information also available under this weblink

Equity in climate change and REDD+: A handbook for grassroots facilitators

pdf-icon English (1291 kB) pdf-icon Khmer (6760 kB) pdf-icon Lao (6232 kB) pdf-icon Thai (6135 kB) pdf-icon Vietnamese (6066 kB)

Further information also available under this weblink

A Fair Climate: Gender Equity in Forestry and REDD+ (video)

English Khmer Lao Myanmar Thai Vietnamese

pdf-icon Video discussion guide for all languages (500 kB)


pdf-icon Forests and Climate Change after Lima: An Asia-Pacific Perspective (1658 kB)

pdf-icon Climate Change, Forests, and You (1294 kB)

pdf-icon Free, Prior, and Informed Consent in REDD+: Principles and Approaches for Policy and Project Development (1429 kB)

pdf-icon Forests and Climate Change after Doha: An Asia-Pacific Perspective (1618 kB)

pdf-icon Forests and climate change after Durban: An Asia-Pacific perspective (1598 kB)

pdf-icon Linking Adaptation and Mitigation through Community Forestry: Case Studies from Asia (11463 kB)

The United Nations climate change talks in Cancun changed the shape of REDD+ negotiations and global forest policies. What effect will the decisions from the talks have on forests and forest users in Asia and the Pacific? Eleven climate change and forestry experts gathered to reflect on these issues, and this booklet summarizes their responses to 12 key questions.
pdf-icon Forests and Climate Change After Cancun: An Asia-Pacific Perspective (1411 kB)

Following COP15, forestry stakeholders have raised many questions about the meaning of the Copenhagen outcome for people, forests, and forestry. FAO and RECOFTC recently brought together 12 experts in Bali to debate the issue and provide answers to a dozen key questions. A report on this meeting has now been published, entitled: 
pdf-icon Forests and Climate Change after Copenhagen: An Asia-Pacific Perspective (1677 kB)

On REDD in Vietnam, RECOFTC has very recently produced a new brief, entitled:
pdf-icon Vietnam: Why REDD+ Needs Local People (431 kB)  (Vietnamese language version also available under this web link)

RECOFTC has produced a number of other REDD briefs and short reports, with most translated into national languages. A list of these publications is available on the RECOFTC website

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