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Information submitted by Conservation International

pdf-icon Safeguard Information Systems (SIS): An Opportunity for REDD+ Countries and Donors Alike (210 kB)

pdf-icon REDD+ reference level submission and technical assessment (82 kB)

pdf-icon Performance-Based REDD+ and the Role of Non-Carbon Benefits (68 kB)

pdf-icon Comments on Elements for a possible draft decision on modalities for national forest monitoring systems and measuring, reporting and verifying (151 kB)

pdf-icon Case Studies: Getting countries MRV-ready, Lessons from Mexico and Guyana (6133 kB)

pdf-icon Opportunities for achieving biodiversity conservation through REDD (119 kB)

pdf-icon What is needed to make REDD+ work on the ground? Lessons learned from pilot forest carbon initiatives (1828 kB)

In this report, Conservation International provides an in-depth analysis of 12 pilot forest carbon initiatives in which it has been involved as partner, in order to provide preliminary insights into what will be needed to make REDD+ work on the ground.

Located in nine countries throughout Asia, Latin America and Africa, these initiatives represent a broad range of geographic, socioeconomic and biophysical conditions and provide a unique opportunity to examine the challenges and opportunities of designing and implementing forest carbon initiatives in different countries.

By providing a holistic and fine-scale analysis of Conservation International’s experiences in implementing reforestation and REDD+ initiatives on the ground, this study reveals many of the real-world challenges that project managers and policy makers will likely face as they design and implement new REDD+ initiatives , and provide practical recommendations of how to enhance the chances of successful design and implementation in the field that result in the provision of climate, community and biodiversity benefits.


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