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REDD Web Platform: Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF)

The CPF is an informal, voluntary arrangement among 14 international organizations and secretariats with substantial programmes on forests (CIFOR, FAO, ITTO, IUFRO, CBD, GEF, UNCCD, UNFF, UNFCCC, UNDP, UNEP, ICRAF, WB, IUCN).

Information submitted by CPF

Global Landscapes Forum,  Warsaw, 16-17 November 2013

The Global Landscapes Forum combines into one event two of the world’s most influential annual conferences on the role of forests and agriculture in mitigating and adapting to climate change: Forest Day and Agriculture, Landscapes and Livelihoods Day.

This will be a global platform to inform and engage world leaders, policymakers, scientists, donors, media, civil society, the private sector, indigenous and community groups, and climate negotiators on the role sustainable landscapes can play in providing food, shelter, income and ecosystem services and environmental goods. The objective is to develop the potential of the landscape approach to inform future UNFCCC agreements and the achievement of the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.

Landscapes are geographical constructs that include not only the biophysical features but also cultural and institutional attributes of an area. They can be managed with varying degrees of intensity and undergo transitions over time.

The landscapes approach provides a broad framework that can fully integrate agriculture and forests into a sustainable development agenda. It seeks to assess performance against broader development goals such as poverty eradication, green growth, food security and nutrition, mitigation of and adaptation to climate change, energy efficient cities, and sustainable land use and farm practices.

pdf-icon An Operational Framework for Defining and Monitoring Forest Degradation (641 kB)

Thompson, I. D., M. R. Guariguata, K. Okabe, C. Bahamondez, R. Nasi, V. Heymell, and C. Sabogal. 2013. An operational framework for defining and monitoring forest degradation. Ecology and Society 18(2): 20.

CPF strategic framework for forests and climate change

This strategic framework is a proposal by the CPF for a coordinated forest-sector response to climate change.


Global Forest Information Service


The "Global Forest Expert Panels" initiative of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests  was launched in April 2007 to provide objective and independent scientific assessments of key issues in order to support more informed decision-making at the global level. The initiative is led and coordinated by the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO). The assessments are carried out by thematic Global Forest Expert Panels uniting leading scientists from around the world.

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