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REDD Web Platform: Forest Monitoring
UNFCCC documents related to REDD forest monitoring
FCCC/TP/2009/1 Technical paper on costs of implementing methodologies and monitoring systems relating to estimates of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, the assessment of carbon stocks and greenhouse gas emissions from changes in forest cover, and the enhancement of forest carbon stocks
Information submitted on forest monitoring
The Government of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative 

An Assessment of National Forest Monitoring Capabilities in Tropical Non-Annex I Countries, a report by GOFC-GOLD

The objective of this report was to specify and scope, for 99 tropical non-Annex I countries, the near term capacity development activities that would be required to implement an accurate forest area change and carbon monitoring system.  The focus is on actions that can be taken over the next five years to prepare for participation in a future REDD-mechanism under the UNFCCC.

As such, the report provides relevant input and recommendations for MRV-activities and investments in REDD-preparatory processes, such as UNREDD and the FCPF.

The report has been co-sponsored by the Prince's Rainforest Project and the Government of Norway's International Forest and Climate Initiative.

pdf-icon An Assessment of National Forest Monitoring Capabilities in Tropical Non-Annex I Countries:  Recommendations for Capacity Building (1326 kB)

NFMA FAO support to National Forest Monitoring and Assessment

pdf-icon An Operational Framework for Defining and Monitoring Forest Degradation (641 kB)

Thompson, I. D., M. R. Guariguata, K. Okabe, C. Bahamondez, R. Nasi, V. Heymell, and C. Sabogal. 2013. An operational framework for defining and monitoring forest degradation. Ecology and Society 18(2): 20.

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