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Germany's submissions of views are included in the submissions of the European Union

Information submitted by Germany

Sourcebook on Monitoring Biodiversity for REDD+ (pdf-icon English version) (pdf-icon Spanish version)

The Sourcebook published by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) in collaboration with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH seeks to bring clarity to the challenge of monitoring biodiversity for REDD+ while acknowledging the need to avoid adding further complexity. The Sourcebook emphasises a phased approach to monitoring based on availability of resources, and highlights that monitoring biodiversity as part of REDD+ can help countries to achieve both their biodiversity and climate commitments more cost-effectively.

Contributing to the goal of achieving multiple benefits through REDD+, the Sourcebook seeks to answer three key questions: Why monitor biodiversity for REDD+? What to monitor? How to monitor? Drawing on the literature and contributions from a wide range of experts, the Sourcebook provides a simple framework for answering these questions. Summaries of key monitoring methods are presented with best practice guidance and practical case studies drawn from REDD+ and forest projects around the world.


Summary Report and Presentations from an international dialogue on Satellite data and monitoring systems for REDD+

The German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) organized a professional workshop on satellite data and methods for deforestation and forest degradation monitoring on 5 October 2012 in Bonn, Germany. This event was preceded by a technical side event on 4 October 2012 organized by DLR. Experts from science, satellite data and service providers such as RapidEye and Astrium as well as international institutions such as the French AFD, FAO, World Bank and WWF participated in the event. A series of lectures gave an overview of available data and methods for satellite-based monitoring systems. Working groups discussed accuracy, availability, usability, cost, etc. and shared their experiences and best practices.  Further information, including the programme, presentations and a summary report.


pdf-icon Emissions and removals from land-use, land use change and forestry activities in a post-Kyoto regime - quantitative analysis of a framework for reducing deforestation (2322 kB)
Note: The main text of this report is in English, only the title and a 20 page summary are in German.

The final report of a German research project on REDD discusses data availability and methodological questions, especially for six countries (Brazil, Congo (Brazzaville), Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Peru).

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