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Expert meeting on an information hub for information on results of the activities referred to in decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 70 and results-based payments, 2 - 3 September 2014, Bonn, Germany


The COP, in its decision pdf-icon 9/CP.19, decided to establish an information hub on the REDD web platform on the UNFCCC website as a means to publish information on the results of the activities referred to in decision pdf-icon 1/CP.16, paragraph 70 (REDD-plus) and corresponding results-based payments. The aim of this information hub is to increase transparency of information on both the results-based actions and corresponding payments as well as on the associated elements of implementation.

In the same decision, the COP also decided that this hub will contain information on and links to the following:

  • The results in tCO2/year and as reported in the technical report;
  • The assessed forest reference emission level and/or forest reference level and a link to the report by the technical assessment team;
  • The summary of information on how all of the safeguards are being addressed and respected;
  • A link to the Party’s national strategy or action plan as referred to in decision 1/CP.16, paragraph 71(a), as appropriate;
  • Information on the national forest monitoring system as provided in the technical annex to the biennial update report (decision 14/CP.19);
  • Information on quantity of results for which payments were received and the entity paying for results.

The information on results-based payments will be published on the hub in consultation with the developing country Party concerned.

In establishing this information hub, the COP requested the secretariat:

  • To organize an expert meeting on the matters noted above as well as on a format for the insertion of the information provided by Parties before SBI 41;
  • To prepare a report on the expert meeting for the consideration of SBI 41.

The working language of the meeting is English.

Venue and logistics

Langer Eugen
UN Campus
Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1
53113 Bonn

pdf-icon Logistical information (267 kB)

pdf-icon Agenda (177 kB)

Relevant documents

pdf-icon Report (325 kB)

pdf-icon Background note (226 kB)

pdf-icon Informal summary (211 kB)

pdf-icon List of participants (172 kB)


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Party/Affiliation Speaker Title
Brazil Felipe Gomes Ferreira

pdf-icon Info Hub Design
Subsidies for transparency on REDD+
(1377 kB)

pdf-icon Info Hub Basic data (32 kB)

Indonesia Nurdiana Darus pdf-icon Portfolio management of redd+ (portredd) – Overview (1057 kB)
Paraguay Lilian Portillo pdf-icon Approaches to Exchange information related to REDD-plus (1579 kB)
United States of America Christine Dragisic pdf-icon InfoHub Experiences, Lessons, and Views (685 kB)
FCPF Zenia Salinas pdf-icon Data Management and Registry Systems (806 kB)
Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Kenneth MacDicken pdf-icon FRA country reporting: How does it work?... and what does not work so well??? (2317 kB)
REDD+ Partnership Alana Williamson pdf-icon The Voluntary REDD+ Database: Lessons learned (705 kB)
UNFCCC Dirk Nemitz pdf-icon UNFCCC Overview of REDD-plus (346 kB)
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