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Workshop on Methodological Issues relating to Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries
25 – 27 June 2008 in Tokyo, Japan



The Conference of the Parties (COP), in pdf-icon Decision 2/CP.13, requested the secretariat, subject to availability of supplementary funding, to organize a workshop on methodological issues before the twenty-ninth session of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice (SBSTA) (paragraph 7(b)). This workshop is part of a programme of work on methodological issues related to a range of policy approaches and positive incentives for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries undertaken by the SBSTA (paragraph 7).

Parties submitted views and information on how to address outstanding methodological issues, including, inter alia, assessments of changes in forest cover and associated carbon stocks and greenhouse gas emissions, incremental changes due to sustainable management of the forest, demonstration of reductions in emissions from deforestation, including reference emissions levels, estimation and demonstration of reduction in emissions from forest degradation, implications of national and subnational approaches including displacement of emissions, options for assessing the effectiveness of actions in relation to paragraphs 1, 2, 3 and 5 of pdf-icon Decision 2/CP.13, and criteria for evaluating actions (paragraph 7(a)). These submissions are compiled into document FCCC/SBSTA/2008/MISC.4, Add.1, Add.2 and Add.3.

The workshop addressed the above outstanding methodological issues. The SBSTA, at its twenty-ninth session, will continue consideration of the outstanding methodological issues, taking into account the outcome of the workshop.

pdf-icon Agenda (119 kB)

pdf-icon List of participants (453 kB)

Workshop report

UNEP pdf-icon Above and below-ground living biomass carbon stocks 2000 (1855 kB)
ITTO pdf-icon (no title) (1395 kB)
World Bank pdf-icon REDD Methods Capacity Requirements (316 kB)
FAO/UNDP/UNEP pdf-icon UN REDD a collaborative programme of UN agencies on REDD to support developing countries (269 kB)
FAO pdf-icon Forest monitoring for REDD (3406 kB)
FAO pdf-icon Addressing countries reporting requirements to REDD in FAO (1459 kB)
UNFCCC secretariat pdf-icon Overview of main views on outstanding methodological issues submitted by Parties and outcomes of SBSTA 28 (149 kB)
IPCC pdf-icon Overview of relevant methodologies in IPCC Guidelines and good practice guidance (1138 kB)
Martin Herold, Friedrich-Schiller University, Germany pdf-icon Methodologies and techniques for estimating and monitoring emissions from deforestation: Sourcebook on REDD methodologies (9079 kB)
Frédéric Archard, JRC Ispra Deforestation in tropical countries: Use of remote sensing in detecting and monitoring forest area changes and changes in biomass
Sandra Brown, Winrock International pdf-icon Ground-based forest inventories in tropical countries - methodologies and practical examples (3998 kB)
Gabon (part 1) pdf-icon The context of REDD in Central Africa (5680 kB)
Gabon (part 2) pdf-icon Impact of logging (3924 kB)
Costa Rica pdf-icon Methodologies for REDD: Lessons from Costa Rica (982 kB)
Mexico pdf-icon Advances of Mexico in preparing for REDD (979 kB)

pdf-icon Sustainable forest Management & Applicability to REDD Activities (1649 kB)

pdf-icon Monitoring of deforestation and forest degradation using remote sensing techniques for REDD policy implementation (7547 kB)

Tuvalu pdf-icon International Emissions Displacement (116 kB)
Indonesia pdf-icon Tackling Methodological Issues Related to REDD in Indonesia (639 kB)
Papua New Guinea pdf-icon Experiences of Papua New Guinea (11032 kB)
Brazil pdf-icon Detection of Selective Logging for Estimating and Monitoring Forest Degradation: methodologies and experiences in Brazil (5617 kB)
India pdf-icon Methodological Issues for REDD: Estimation and Monitoring Methodologies for Forest Carbon Stocks (833 kB)
Paraguay pdf-icon Deforestation monitoring: A key issue for the REDD process Paraguay experience (1799 kB)
Stephen Ogle, Colorado State University pdf-icon Agricultural and Land Use Software Approach for Estimating Reductions in Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (3381 kB)
Australia pdf-icon International Forest Carbon Initiative (184 kB)
EU pdf-icon REDD and the EU Experiences and challenges from demonstration activities (922 kB)

pdf-icon (119 kB)  

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