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UNFCCC Workshop on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation in Developing Countries

Presentations Wednesday, 30 August

Mrs. Jenny Wong, UNFCCC secretariat

Overview of the background paper and synthesis of submissions

Theme I: Scientific, socio-economic, technical and methodological issues



Mrs. Sandra Brown

Specific overview of background paper related to theme I

Mr. Richard Houghton, Woods Hole, United States

(PDF) Role of forests, in particular tropical forests, in the global carbon cycle

Mr. Niro Higuchi, INPA, Brazil

(PDF) Methodological issues: Estimation of changes in carbon stocks and forest cover and related uncertainties

Mr. Wulf Killmann, FAO

Definitional issues, including those relating to links between deforestation and degradation
Background paper (PDF) Drivers of deforestation

Mr. Peter Holmgren, FAO

(PDF) Data availability and quality, scale and rates of deforestation 

Mr. Frederic Achard, JRC Ispra

(PDF) Remote sensing and data availability

Mr. Eric Lambin, University of Louvain

(PDF) Drivers of deforestation


Presentations Thursday, 31 August

Theme II: Policy approaches and positive incentives to reduce emissions from deforestation in developing countries



Mr. Ian Fry, Tuvalu

Review of Oceania Regional Workshop Report

Mr. Claudio Forner

Specific overview of background paper related to theme II

Mrs. Andrea Garcia, Colombia

Deforestation in Latin America

Mrs. Aline Malibangar, Central African Republic

A dynamic regional policy approach the COMIFAC
(PDF) annex I

Mr. John Hudson, United Kingdom

Deforestation: Why it happens and what to do about it

Mr. Reinhard Wolf, Germany

(PDF) German bilateral cooperation on sustainable forest management

Mr. Erik Streed, United States

(PDF) Avoiding Deforestation: US Lessons Learned on the Ground

Mrs. Lera Miles, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre

(PDF) Forest biodiversity assessment – experiences in collaboration and opportunities for multiple benefits

Mr. Amha Bin Buang, ITTO

In support of tropical timber and forest – the ITTO’s experience

Mrs. Gisela Ulloa, Bolivia

(PDF) Bolivia’s experience on forest management and emissions avoidance 

Mr. Samsudin Musa, Malaysia

(PDF) Addressing deforestation and degradation through sustainable forest management 

Mr. Satoshi Akahori, Japan

(PDF) Japan’s contribution to promoting sustainable management at the world’s forest

Mr. Warilea Iamo, Papua New Guinea

Reducing emssions from deforestation in developing countries

Mr. Ricardo Ulate, Costa Rica

(PDF) Environmental services payment: A tool for addressing deforestation

Mr. Joao Paulo Ribeiro Capobianco

Positive incentives to reduce emissions from deforestation in developing countries: Views from Brazil