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In-session workshop on the identification and assessment of agricultural practices and technologies to enhance productivity in a sustainable manner, food security and resilience, considering the differences in agro-ecological zones and farming systems, such as different grassland and cropland practices and systems


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Information note

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Relevant documents

pdf-icon FCCC/SBSTA/2016/MISC.1

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UN organization Presentation
FAO pdf-icon Presentation (608 kB)
Party Presentations/statements
Argentina pdf-icon Statement (197 kB)
Canada pdf-icon Statement (362 kB)
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Costa Rica on behalf of the AILAC group of countries pdf-icon Statement (169 kB)
Egypt on behalf of G77 and China pdf-icon Statement (205 kB)
European Union pdf-icon Presentation (1645 kB)
India pdf-icon Presentation (2600 kB)
Malawi on behalf of African Group of Negotiators pdf-icon Presentation (1326 kB)
New Zealand pdf-icon Presentation (920 kB)
Sri Lanka pdf-icon Statement (191 kB)
Uruguay pdf-icon Statement (152 kB)
Viet Nam on behalf of the Association of the Southeast Asian countries pdf-icon Statement (72 kB)
Civil society Interventions
CAN pdf-icon Intervention (257 kB)
Farmers Constituency pdf-icon Intervention (184 kB)