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AWG round-table discussion on mitigation potentials of policies, measures and technologies

The AWG round table took place on Monday 14 May 2007 at the Maritim hotel, Bonn, Germany.

(PDF) Information note

(PDF) Second information note

(PDF) Draft summary report by the co-chairs of the round table (advance copy)


Contributions to the fourth Assessment report of the IPCC:


Summaries for policymakers:

(PDF) Working Group I

(PDF) Working Group II

(PDF) Working Group III

Background material made available by Parties and experts:
 Presentations  Other material
(PDF) European Commission - Mr. Artur Runge-Metzger  (PDF) Brochure 
(PDF) European Community - Ms. Nicole Wilke  
(PDF) Iceland - Mr. Hugi Olafsson  
(PDF) ICRAF - Mr. Louis Verchot  
(PDF) IEA - Mr. R. Baron (PDF) Statement
(PDF) IIASA - Mr. Markus Amann   
(PDF) IPCC - Mr. B. Metz  
(PDF) Japan - Mr. Kazuhiko Hombu  
(PDF) New Zealand - Mr. Harry Clark  
(PDF) Saudi Arabia - Mr. Fareed Al-Asaly  
(PDF) Switzerland - Mr. Thomas Kolly  
(PDF) Vattenfall - Mr. Arne Mogren (PDF) Draft report



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