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Momentum for Change Advisory Panel

Heather McGeory

Head of Strategy and Partnerships

Heather is the Head of Strategy and Partnerships at WE MEAN BUSINESS. Prior to joining WE MEAN BUSINESS Heather lead the communications, marketing and partnerships team at JUST Capital. Prior to that, Heather fundraised for and incubated Here Now, a new initiative launched to mobilize public voices on climate change. She also spent two years on the strategy team at Purpose, advising on digital engagement, incubating new organizations, and creating joint partnerships to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation and Audi’s social innovation team, among others.

Prior to Purpose, Heather spent four years working in environmental finance at Natsource Asset Management, working successfully with the World Bank, the United Nations, sovereign governments and private sector banks. Heather was a Faculty Research Fellow at NASA and an Aspen Institute Fellow at the Albright Stonebridge Group. She has a MIA from Columbia University in Energy Policy and Economics and a BA in Religion from Barnard College.



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