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Compilation and Accounting Data

This page provides access to some of the key accounting information recorded in the compilation and accounting database (CAD) of the UNFCCC with maximum flexibility in searching and retrieving data through user-defined data queries. Data are provided for the 38 Annex I Parties to the Convention that are also Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (Annex B Parties). The information presented in this module of the data interface are classified into four categories:

  • Accounting parameters
  • Total GHG emissions from sources listed in Annex A of the Kyoto Protocol (Annex A sources)
  • Emissions and removals from LULUCF activities (Articles 3.3 and 3.4 of the Kyoto Protocol)
  • Holdings of Kyoto Protocol units

Data on GHG emissions from Annex A sources and net emissions/removals from LULUCF activities are available for the first and second years of the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol. A cumulative sum of data submitted by Parties within the commitment period is also available. For holdings of Kyoto Protocol units, data are available for the beginning and end of the reported year. for example, in 2011, data on the status of holdings of Kyoto Protocol units is provided for the beginning and end of 2010.

The illustration below shows the entry point to this module.

GHG Data

When a category is selected, the rest of the fields such as classification, type of value, gas and units are assigned a default selection which can be changed appropriately depending on the user’s need.

The functionalities of this module are similar to those of the Flexible queries module, in particular, with the “change layout” and “show item” functions. Please refer to the flexible queries online help section for further explanation nf the “change layout” and “show item” functions.

Once the query results are displayed, the functions to export the data to other formats such as Excel or CSV files, or to switch to the priner friendly version or the graph page can be utilized.

GHG Data