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User-defined indicators

This page provides access to the function of calculating user-defined ratios of variables A and B for any given Party and any given year between the base year and the year for the latest available information. Variable A represents the numerator in the ratio, while variable B is the denominator. The figure below shows the entry point to the indicators module.


Two types of variables can be selected, namely, emissions/removals data and parameters which include the following: country area, GDP, population data, and activity data associated with emissions/removals. The selection of the type of variable for A and B defines what ratio is to be calculated.

By default, all Annex I Parties and all years from the base year up to the latest year available are selected. In order to modify these default selections, click on the ‘Show Party and Year selection’ link and highlight the Parties and years to be included in the query from the respective list boxes.


The query results are displayed by default in tabular form. The corresponding data can also be displayed in a line graph by clicking on the ‘Switch to Graph page’ link. The user has the option to download the results in either Excel, CSV or HTML formats by clicking on the respective links.


The definitions of the different fields used in this module are as follows:

  1. Party: List of all Parties to the Convention, including European Union (27), as well as European Union (15) and special groups such as Annex I, Annex I EIT and Annex I non-EIT.

  2. Year: List of years from the base year under the Convention and the period from 1990 to the latest available year.

  3. Category: List of the CRF source/sink categories, as well as Country area, Population and GDP (constant 2000 USD). Note that this list is context-dependent, as determined by the type of variable (Emissions/removals data or Parameter) selected. If the variable emissions/removals data is selected, country area, population and GDP are filtered-out from the dropdown list.

  4. Classification: The list is displayed when ‘Parameter’ is selected as the type of variable. This list is context-dependent, as determined by the sector to which the selected category belongs.

    • in Energy sector "classification" means fuels;
    • in Agriculture sector it defines various kinds of livestock;
    • in LULUCF/LUCF sector it means various LULUCF/LUCF activities;
    • in Waste sector it means wastewater streams.

  5. Type of value: List of the activity data relevant to the category selected. This list is only displayed when ‘Parameter’ is selected as type of variable.

  6. Gas: List of the selection of individual GHGs or group of GHGs taken together. This list is displayed only when ‘Emissions/removals data’ is selected as the type of variable.

  7. Unit: List of units of measurement for GHG emissions/removals, activity data, country area, population and GDP.