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Time series - Annex I
GHG profiles for Parties
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Global map - Annex I

Time series - Annex I

This page provides access to predefined GHG emissions/removals data from Annex I Parties. Each table contains a time series for the selected GHG category for all Annex I Parties. The time series covers the base year and the period from 1990 to the latest available inventory year. The data on GHG emissions from only Annex I Parties are presented here, because GHG data for the majority of non-Annex I Parties are available for one year (1990 or 1994) only.

The user also has the option to download the data in Excel spreadsheet format, which contains data for the entire time series.

GHG profiles for Parties

This page provides access to "GHG profiles" for individual Annex I and non-Annex I Parties, as well as for the major subgroups within Annex I (all Annex I taken together, EIT and non-EIT). A "GHG profile" is a 2-4 page summary of most representative GHG data (at the level of national totals) for a Party. It also contains information on the status of the GHG inventory submission.

The GHG profile for a Party contains the following elements:

  • Data table;
  • Graph with the trends for GHG totals;
  • Graph with sectoral changes in GHG emissions;
  • Graph with the GHG shares by gas;
  • Graph with the GHG shares by sector..

The user has the option to access the data either in PDF and/or Excel format.