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Kyoto Protocol data

Under the Kyoto Protocol, Parties that are included in Annex B to the Kyoto Protocol are required to report data on the issuance and transactions of assigned amount units (AAUs), emission reduction units (ERUs), certified emission reductions (CERs), removal units (RMUs) and also on various parameters and definitions that are necessary for accounting under the Kyoto Protocol. This page provides access to this information as follows:

  • Base year data: this page contains information on the emission levels in the base year under the Kyoto Protocol, as well as information on national emission reduction targets in the first commitment period 2008-2012;
  • Compilation and accounting reports: this page provides access to annual compilation and accounting reports (C&A) under the Kyoto Protocol. The first of these reports was published by the UNFCCC secretariat on 17 November 2008.
  • Compilation and accounting data: this page provides access to information contained in the compilation and accounting database of the UNFCCC, such as total GHG emissions from Annex A sources, net GHG emisisons/removals from LULUCF activities and holding of Kyoto Protocol units.

All data are as officially reported by Parties and in accordance with the results of the review process. The key reporting and review requirements under the Kyoto Protocol can be found in decisions pdf-icon 15/CMP.1 (reporting) and pdf-icon 22/CMP.1 (review).

Mechanisms Eligibility
The list of eligibility of Annex I Parties to participate in the felxible mechanisms under Articles 6, 12 and 17 of the Kyoto Protocol can be found pdf-icon here.