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Gender and Climate Change - Workshop

In-session workshop on gender-responsive climate policy with a focus on adaptation,
capacity-building and training for delegates on gender issues

Bonn, Germany

18-19 May 2016

Venue: AH Upper Conference Room

pdf-icon Provisional Programme and annotations (599 kB)

 Workshop report

Day 1: Wednesday, 18 May

Opening and welcome
Mr. Richard Kinley (Deputy Executive Secretary, UNFCCC)

Mr. George Wamukoya (Kenya)

pdf-icon Summary (97 kB)

Session I: Setting the scene: Ms. Verona Collantes-Lebale (UN Women)
10:10 – 10:30 Plenary 

pdf-icon Presentation (1446 kB)  

Session II: The drivers of change: enabling conditions for advancing gender equality in climate change policy, planning and programmes
10:30 – 12:40 Plenary

Part 1: Good practices and case studies at the subnational level
Urban poor, disaster risk reduction, resilience Ms. Josephine Castillo
(DAMPA, Phillipines)
pdf-icon Presentation (415 kB)
Food security, civic engagement in national planning, rural communities Ms. Rosemary Wambua
pdf-icon Presentation (414 kB)
Energy cooperatives Ms. Anna Samwel
(WECF Georgia)
pdf-icon Presentation (1786 kB)
Part 2: Good practices and case studies at the regional and national level
Peru ccGAP Ms. Carmin Arias
pdf-icon Presentation (417 kB)
Climate resilient water management and agriculture Ms. Ratha Chhan
pdf-icon Presentation (3010 kB)
pdf-icon Engendering Utilities Program (1226 kB) Ms. Amanda Wheat
pdf-icon Presentation (317 kB)
Part 3: Good practice examples and case studies at the international level
GEF and Gender Mainstreaming

Mr. Rawleston Moore


pdf-icon Presentation (636 kB)
Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG) Ms. Pepetua Latasi (Tuvalu) pdf-icon Presentation (795 kB)
Women Delegates Fund (WDF) Ms. Aira Kalela pdf-icon Presentation (93 kB)
Wrap up day 1
12:40 – 13:00
Open Knowledge Exchange Fair


Day 2: Thursday, 19 May

Welcome back and recap of day 1: Ms. Lorena Aguilar (Costa Rica)
10:00 - 10:15 

Session III: Steps forward: exploring recommendations for next-step action
10:15 – 11:45

Key Messages on Gender-Responsive Climate Policy  Ms. Winnie Lichuma
Parties to the UNFCCC (policy makers/implementers) Ms. Anniete Cohn-Lois
(Dominican Republic)
Finance, including GEF, GCF, AF Mr. Juan Hoffmaister
UNFCCC secretariat and UN System  Ms. Aira Kalela
(EU issue lead for gender) 
Implementing agencies and civil society a national/subnational level Ms. Bridget Burns
Session IV: Reporting back: presentations and discussions from group work
11:45 – 12:30 Plenary

Summary Moderator: Ms. Lorena Aguilar (Costa Rica)

pdf-icon Summary (142 kB)

Closing: Mr. Tomasz Chruszczow (Poland) - (SBI Chair, UNFCCC) 



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