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Gender and Climate Change - Activities
Worldwide are various gender related activities implemented throughout different institutions. These institutions are either fully focused on gender activities or have implemented gender specific projects into their institutional plan.

UNFCCC in cooperation with Parties, as well as observer organizations is determined to support gender in relation to climate change and is directly or indirectly related to these projects by being committed to promote gender equality, empowerment of women and intergenerational equity.

In accordance with decision 18/CP.20 an in-session workshop was held at SBI 44 taking into account the information provided by Parties and observer organizations. A brief overview of some activities based on submissions received by 3 February 2016 related to Gender and Climate Change is listed below.

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Guidelines or other tools for integrating gender considerations into climate change related activities under the Convention

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Resources related to the technical paper

Overview of formal and informal documents

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Case Studies

Nairobi Work Programme
Case studies on the application of gender-sensitive approaches and tools for understanding and assessing impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change