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Gender and Climate Change - Resources

Links to resources related to gender and climate change are made available via this webpage for ease of reference. Resources include information provided by Parties and observer organizations through UNFCCC submissions portal, links to other relevant parts of the UNFCCC website, and resources produced by international organizations, civil society organizations, and financial institutions.

The technical paper (FCCC/TP/2016/2) on guidelines or other tools for integrating gender considerations into climate change related activities under the Convention, prepared by the secretariat in accordance with the Lima work programme on gender decision (18/CP.20, paragraph 14), includes a range of relevant resources, a list of which can be found here. Additional UNFCCC formal and informal documents related to Gender and Climate Change can be found here.

The UNFCCC secretariat may update this page if it receives information about relevant resources from Parties or observers. Contact: Gender Team

 Topic specific resources

Parties and organizations

Global knowledge resources


Please note that the secretariat does not promote any particular methods, tools, publications or trainings. Links to external resources are provided only for convenience and do not necessarily reflect the views of the secretariat.