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The Technical Expert Meeting on Cross-cutting Issues in Urban Environment and Land Use occurred during the Bonn Climate Change Conference in May 2017.
Presentations and recordings, if available, can be found below.



pdf-icon Detailed Agenda (511 kB)


pdf-icon Report (3708 kB)

Opening Ceremony - Monday, 8 May
Key note addresses

Recording Available 

Mr. Tomasz Chruszczow
SBI Chair

Mr. Tibor Schaffhauser
SBSTA Vice-Chair
Mr. Martin Frick
Director, Climate and Environment Division, FAO
pdf-icon Key Note (266 kB)   

Mr. Manuel Antonio de Araujo
Mayor of Quolimane from Mozambique

pdf-icon Key Note (233 kB)    

Urban Environment - Tuesday, 9 May 
City level collaboration to achieve emission reductions
and sustainable development

Recording Available

Ms. Linda Siew Lin Siow
Singapore, Singapore

pdf-icon Presentation (1326 kB)

Ms. Veronica Ardila Vernaza
Bogotá, Colombia

pdf-icon Presentation (7210 kB)

Mr. Stefan Wagner

Bonn, Germany

pdf-icon Presentation (2323 kB)

Mr. Koen Paredaens
Zoersel, Belgium and  Bohicon, Benin

pdf-icon Presentation (241 kB)

Urban Environment + Land Use - Tuesday, 9 May 
Support for accelerated actions to drive mitigation ambition
and facilitate sustainable development

Recording Available

Mr. Roland Roesch

pdf-icon Presentation (935 kB)

Ms. Vera Scholz

pdf-icon Presentation (728 kB)

Mr. Chuck Kooshian

pdf-icon Presentation (528 kB)

Ms. Felicity Creighton Spors
World Bank

pdf-icon Presentation (880 kB)

Mr. Martial Bernoux

pdf-icon Presentation (1173 kB)

Urban Environment: 
Innovative policy and technology solutions for sustainable
urban development

Recording Available

Mr. Michael Rantil
Chair of the Technology Executive Committee

pdf-icon Presentation (640 kB)

Ms. Xiaomei Duan
Technical Director, Far East BRT Planning Co., Ltd., China

pdf-icon Presentation (1204 kB)

Mr. Winfried Damm
GIZ Programme Manager on behalf of GIZ Proklima, Indonesia

pdf-icon Presentation (444 kB)

Mr. Johnny Stuen
Municipality’s Waste-to Energy Agency, Oslo, Norway

pdf-icon Presentation (630 kB)

Land Use:
Agricultural activities with climate and sustainable
development benefits

Recording Available

Dr. Martial Bernoux
Natural Resource Officer

 pdf-icon Key Note (1489 kB)

Ms. Akiko Nagano
Deputy Director, Environmental Policy Office,

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

pdf-icon Presentation (751 kB)

Ms. Lucy Ng’ang’a,
Agriculture and Climate Change Expert

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

pdf-icon Presentation (675 kB)

Dr. Victoria Hatton,

Senior Policy Analyst, Ministry for Primary Industries,

Lead on agriculture and climate change for the NZ government
New Zealand

pdf-icon Presentation (739 kB)

Dr. Gustavo Mozzer
Senior Researcher, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation
- EMBRAPA, Global Policies Coordination for International Relations

pdf-icon Presentation (638 kB)

Mr. Herwig Ranner,
Directorate-General European Union, Agriculture and
Rural Development

pdf-icon Presentation (268 kB)

Prof. Nnyaladzi Batisani,

Professor, Institute for Technology Research and Innovation

pdf-icon Presentation (482 kB)

Dr. Bruce Campbell
Director, Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)
CGIAR research Programme

pdf-icon Presentation (804 kB)

Mr. Gábor Figeczky
Advocacy manager, Organics International

pdf-icon Presentation (508 kB)

Land Use: 
Activities related to forestry and other land use with climate
and sustainable development benefits

Recording Available 

Dr. Julian Fox

pdf-icon Key Note (675 kB)

Ms. Estefanía Ardila Robles
MRV Advisor at Colombia's Forest and Carbon Monitoring System

pdf-icon Presentation (593 kB)

Ms. Sally Box
Director – International Negotiations
Australian Government Department of the Environment and Energy

pdf-icon Presentation (420 kB)

Dr. Nur Masripatin,
Director General of Climate Change,

Ministry of Environment and Forestry

pdf-icon Presentation (468 kB)

Dr. Valerie Dermaux,

Chargée de mission agriculture et climat,

Ministère de l'agriculture, de l'agroalimentaire et de la forêt 

pdf-icon Presentation (824 kB)

Prof. Daniel Murdiyarso
Principal Scientist, Center for International Forestry Research

pdf-icon Presentation (1603 kB)

Ms. Kate Dooley
Rainforest Foundation Norway

pdf-icon Presentation (97 kB)

Mr. Estebancio Castro Díaz
International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples
of Tropical Forests

pdf-icon Presentation (334 kB)

Land Use: 
Attracting private sector engagement for ambitious mitigation actions

Recording Available

Mr. Matthew Reddy
WBCSD, Director of Forests and Climate Smart Agriculture

pdf-icon Presentation (6103 kB)

Mr. Theo de Jager
World Farmer Organization

pdf-icon Presentation (309 kB)

Urban Environment: 
Building partnerships to accelerate implementation

Recording Available 

Mr. Jukka Uosukainen

pdf-icon Presentation (468 kB)

Mr. Roland Roesch

pdf-icon Presentation (574 kB)  

Ms. Carolina Fuentes

pdf-icon Presentation (383 kB)  

Mr. Peter Hirsch

pdf-icon Presentation (446 kB)

Ms. Silke Spohn

pdf-icon Presentation (632 kB)

Mr. Hugh Stewart
Foster + Partners

pdf-icon Presentation (522 kB)

Ms. Masako Ogawa

pdf-icon Presentation (380 kB)

Closing Ceremony  

Recording Available

TEMs Key Messages and Outcomes

pdf-icon Presentation (132 kB)
Mr. Tomasz Chruszczow
SBI Chair
Mr. Carlos Fuller
Mr. Matthew Reddy
H.E. Mr. Inia Batikoto Seruiratu
Minister for Agriculture and Rural & Maritime Development and
High Level Climate Change Champion Fiji

Ms. Patricia Espinosa
Executive Secretary, UNFCCC

pdf-icon Key Note (118 kB)

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Schedule of Events - May 2017

Bonn Climate Change Conference

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Technical Expert Meetings Report

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