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Regional workshop for Africa on nationally appropriate mitigation actions
1-3 October, Windhoek, Namibia


pdf-icon Information note (208 kB)

List of participants

Workshop report


 Day 1
 Part I: NAMA implementation process

 - pdf-icon Status of negotiations on NAMAs (958 kB)

pdf-icon FAO activities for supporting NAMAs in agriculture sector (1163 kB)

 UNFCCC secretariat


 Part I: NAMA implementation process

 - Status of implementation of NAMAs in the region

apdf-icon ) Rwanda (201 kB)

b) pdf-icon Seychelles (895 kB)




Part II:  Institutional arrangements  
- pdf-icon Robust institutional arrangement for implementation of NAMAs (1143 kB)  UNEP DTU Partnership  
 Part III: Finance and technical support

 - pdf-icon Overview of financial sources and access modalities (1214 kB)

 - pdf-icon Blending different sources of financing for NAMAs (1029 kB)

- pdf-icon Financial and technical support for transformational NAMAs (638 kB)

African Development Bank

European Commission

NAMA Facility

 Day 2
Part III: Finance and technical support

-  pdf-icon Attracting private investment through NAMAs: the role of risk, return and
   policy design
(1253 kB) (Part I)

 pdf-icon Attracting private investment through NAMAs: the role of risk, return and
   policy design
(994 kB) (Part II)

 - pdf-icon Financial engineering, including investment approaches for leveraging
  financing from different sources for rural electrification
(293 kB)  

Tobias Schmidt, ETH Zurich


Tobias Schmidt, ETH Zurich


Namibia Energy Institute


pdf-icon UNDP NAMA case study on renewable energy (144 kB)  Tobias Schmidt, ETH Zurich
 NAMA Market Place: Finance, technology and capacity building support from multi-lateral and 
bi-lateral organizations 

- pdf-icon Supporting the development and implementation of NAMAs (1187 kB)

-pdf-icon CTCN brochure (619 kB)

- pdf-icon Africa Climate Change Fund presentation (750 kB)

- pdf-icon Flyer Africa Climate Change Fund (2015 kB)

- pdf-icon Low Carbon Development Programme (1070 kB)

- pdf-icon RCC Kampala: an Introduction (916 kB)







 UNFCCC secretariat

pdf-icon Poster presentation (1446 kB)  Egypt

- pdf-icon Poster presentation Lesotho (254 kB)

- pdf-icon Poster presentation Tanzania (297 kB)

- pdf-icon Poster presentation Ghana (545 kB)





 Part IV: MRV

pdf-icon MRV of NAMAs (578 kB)

- pdf-icon Options and methodologies for developing baselines (1000 kB)

- pdf-icon Best practices/possible approaches on identifying, quantifying, and reporting
   sustainable development benefits of NAMAs
(1508 kB)


National experiences in setting up MRV systems:

- pdf-icon Burundi (436 kB)  


UNFCCC secretariat


 UNEP DTU Partnership





 Day 3
 Part V: Update on the operation of the registry          

 - pdf-icon Update on the information contained in the registry (1002 kB)   

 UNFCCC secretariat

 Role of NAMA registry in facilitating mitigation actions
 - pdf-icon Mali presentation (303 kB)  Mali
Decentralizing the registry   

 - pdf-icon The role of NAMA developers (590 kB)

 UNFCCC secretariat