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Background documents

Regional workshop for the Asia-Pacific and Eastern Europe regions on nationally appropriate mitigation actions
22-25 April 2014, Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic


pdf-icon Information note (219 kB)

pdf-icon List of participants (145 kB)

 pdf-icon Workshop report (394 kB)



 Day 1
 pdf-icon Status of negotiations on NAMAs (139 kB)  UNFCCC secretariat
pdf-icon Conceptualizing NAMAs within green growth strategies (1030 kB)    

Global Green Growth Institute  

 pdf-icon Steps for Moving a NAMA from Idea towards Implementation (3259 kB)  GIZ
 pdf-icon Evaluation of NAMAs for their prioritization (422 kB) TERI
 - Status of preparation and implementation of NAMAs
pdf-icon Feasibility study for transportation NAMA in Vientiane (944 kB)  Laos
pdf-icon  Current status of NAMAs in Papua New Guinea (1624 kB)  Papua New Guinea
pdf-icon  Agriculture NAMAs (387 kB)  FAO
 pdf-icon Colombia TOD's - Using Climate Funds to Catalyze Transformational Urban development (4757 kB)  CCAP

pdf-icon Institutional aspects of climate change and NAMAs (801 kB)

 UNEP Risoe centre
pdf-icon Utilizing/enhancing existing institutions (1025 kB)  Rep. of Moldova
pdf-icon Philippines Response to Climate Change - institutions, Policies and Programs-Strategies (1834 kB)  Philippines
 Case study presentations

pdf-icon Strengthening Climate Change Action in Fiji (883 kB)  


pdf-icon NAMA Development and Implementation in Indonesia (4874 kB)

 pdf-icon Institutional arrangements on climate change in China (217 kB)    China
 Day 2
pdf-icon Overview of financial sources and access modalities (518 kB)  UNDP
 pdf-icon International partnerships supporting NAMAs (693 kB) ( NAMA/Mitigation and MRV/LEDS Partnerships) UNEP Risoe Centre
pdf-icon  International partnership on mitigation and MRV (412 kB)  BMU
 pdf-icon The NAMA Facility - Support for the Implementation of NAMAs (286 kB)  BMU, Germany and British Embassy in Vientiane
pdf-icon   (1098 kB) pdf-icon The NAMA Facility - General information document (1098 kB)  NAMA Facility
 - Innovative financing
pdf-icon Financial engineering, including investment approaches for leveraging financing from different sources (1538 kB)  UNCCD
 Case studies of innovative financing methods 
 pdf-icon Maldives' Multi-donor climate change trust fund (2599 kB)  Maldives
 pdf-icon Malaysia's Green Technology Financing Scheme (549 kB)  Malaysia
pdf-icon  Bangladesh' Climate Change Trust Fund (2587 kB)  Bangladesh
 Panel presentations on NAMA support programmes
pdf-icon The Danish support to mitigation/NAMA activities (477 kB) Danish Energy Agency
pdf-icon Capacity Development Activities in support of NAMA Preparation (711 kB)  FAO

pdf-icon UNDP Support to NAMA Development (398 kB)

 pdf-icon Information on Climate technology Centre and Network (247 kB) UNEP on behalf of CTCN
pdf-icon Potential support for NAMAs from the Global Green Growth Institute (316 kB) Global Green Growth Institute

EU - Background on EC climate development finance


 NAMA Market place
pdf-icon NAMA in  Sri Lanka (182 kB)  Sri Lanka

pdf-icon Program for Energy Efficient Modernization of Coal Fired Small Boiler Houses in the Kyrgyz Republic (1005 kB)


pdf-icon Program for Support Wind Power Development in Vietnam (2071 kB)

 Day 3
pdf-icon  Attracting private investment through NAMAs: the role of risk, return and policy design (Part I) (1015 kB)  ETH Zurich
 pdf-icon Attracting private investment through NAMAs: the role of risk, return and policy design (Part II) (482 kB)  ETH Zurich
 Case Study  

pdf-icon UNDP NAMA finance case study (943 kB)

 ETH Zurich

pdf-icon Derisking Renewable Energy Investment (129 kB)

 ETH Zurich
 pdf-icon MRV in the context of UNFCCC (129 kB)  UNFCCC
 pdf-icon Options and methodologies for developing baselines (1267 kB)  TERI
 pdf-icon National Greenhouse gas emissions baseline scenarios (263 kB) Danish Energy Agency
 - MRV
  pdf-icon MRV of NAMAs (456 kB) UNEP Risoe Centre
 pdf-icon Capacity building cooperation for development of NAMAs in a MRV manner (1860 kB)    Ministry of Environment, Japan and OECC
 Case study presentations of MRV of NAMAs from sectoral perspective
 pdf-icon MRV of transport NAMA (1923 kB)  GIZ
pdf-icon  MRV of REDD NAMA (420 kB)  GIZ
 Case study material (Zip-File)  GIZ
 Day 4
pdf-icon Overview of the registry: Update on the status of participation in the registry (443 kB)    UNFCCC
 - Decentralizing the registry
pdf-icon  The Role of the registry (1013 kB)  UNFCCC