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Background documents

pdf-icon Information note (188 kB)

pdf-icon List of participants (130 kB)

pdf-icon Workshop Report (276 kB)

Regional workshop in promoting international collaboration to facilitate preparation, submission and implementation of nationally appropriate mitigation actions in Asia
13 - 15 August 2013, Singapore


 Day 1
 Part I: Context for NAMAs
 pdf-icon Status of negotiations on NAMAs (177 kB)  UNFCCC secretariat 
 Knowledge sharing platforms that support the design and implementation of NAMAs  LEDS Global Partnership Regional Platform 
 pdf-icon UNDP/UNFCCC/UNEP Risoe NAMA Guidance Document (514 kB)  UNDP
Country presentations
pdf-icon Staus of China's Regional Emission Trading Programs: Progress and Challenges (977 kB)  China
 pdf-icon Context of Singapore's NAMA - Case Studies (1179 kB)  Singapore


 Part II: Institutional arrangements
pdf-icon  Instituional attangements for NAMAs (751 kB)  UNDP                                    
 pdf-icon A frameworks to Facilitate Evaluation of NAMAs at the National Level (738 kB)  TERI            

 Country presentations
 pdf-icon Korean Emission Trading Scheme - Background and Future Plan (285 kB)  South Korea's ETS                  
 Establishing robust institutional arrangements for NAMAs  Bhutan
 pdf-icon Sustainable Urban Transport Initiative - Pilot supported NAMA in Indonesia (883 kB)  Indonesia

 Day 2
Part III: Financing and Support
pdf-icon Mobilizing climate investment: project preparation and financing (988 kB) UNEP Risoe                                

 Panel Discussion

 Japan's Experience with Supporting NAMAs in a MRV manner and
The Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM)
Country presentations
 pdf-icon Cook Islands'presentation of its NAMA seeking support (1251 kB)  Cook Islands
Part III: Financing and Support cont.
pdf-icon International NAMA Facility - Supporting the Implementation of NAMAs - Selection process and criteria (544 kB)                                                                                             German Federal Ministry for the Environment.   Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety                            
 Additional information on NAMA Facility  
 pdf-icon NAMA Facility information (195 kB)
 pdf-icon Template for NAMA Support Project Outlines (102 kB)  
 pdf-icon Delivery Organisation Criteria (58 kB)  
Country presentations
 pdf-icon Enabling Policy Environments for Climae Finance (172 kB) Cambodia and UNDP joint presentation


 Part IV: Measurement, reporting and verification
Country presentations
pdf-icon Donor-recipient in setting up national MRV system in Indonesia: Lessons learnt and challenges ahead (1269 kB)  Indonesia
 pdf-icon Towards NAMA/MRV readiness in Vietnam (448 kB)  Vietnam

 MRV tools
 pdf-icon CDM: Potential linkages between CDM and NAMA (680 kB)  UNFCCC secretariat
 pdf-icon Assessing GHG impacts of NAMAs: Overview of WRI GHG Protocol Policy and Action Standard (774 kB)  WRI
pdf-icon  Results-Based Approach to mitigation: The GEF experience with NAMAs (1049 kB)  Global Envornment Facility
 Day 3
 Part VI - Overview of the Registry
pdf-icon The NAMA Registry (696 kB)                               UNFCCC secretariat       


 Part VII Role of NAMA registry in facilitating mitigation actions
 The NAMA governance structure in Lebanon  Lebanon             


 Part VIII: responsibilities and Challenges of NAMA Approvers
 pdf-icon The NAMA Approver role (206 kB)                                        UNFCCC secretariat